"Defying Gravity" was originally scheduled as part of the Auckland Photography Festival 2020. Due to Covid-19, the exhibition has been postponed -- new dates and location will be announced soon.

The exhibition by Tatiana Skorik ‘Defying Gravity’ explores defying gravity through the human form of dancers’ movements.

Even though the human body gravitates towards gravity, each figure trains to reach the boundaries of its inevitable pull, as if one day, the boundaries might give way to a new future… the future where souls unleash.

Defying Gravity Dancers are captured where they have defied gravity for a moment in time, but no matter how hard each figure tries to resist the pull of this unseen force, the human form has been created to land.

As souls transcend their bounds, so too does the human form delicately balance on the edges of the unseen. No matter how hard we all train athletically in different disciplines, the only thing that will ever defeat gravity is our souls.

Dream time and the imagination are the only other ways our souls can reach outside of its physical bounds, where the feeling of movement can seem so real we sometimes flex with the inner memory of the thought of movement.

This is a time when we are not bound by the constraints of the body. This begs the question, how often are we defying gravity in our minds and in our actions?

Is stopping to consider defying gravity through thoughts and the soul and even photographing the human form to capture the essence of gravity also a type of relinquishing gravity’s hold on us itself?"

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