The second "The Iron Girl" Story Exhibition was held in Still Gallery, Franklin Art Center in 2019, Auckland

The Exhibition was curated by Jeff Costello, International Art Collector. Brianna Putnam supported the artist and work with the original dance, giving the viewers dance interpretation of the massage put into the work.

"The Iron Girl Story by Tatiana Skorik It’s her strength of mind and of body that informs her movement. No strings hold her. She is in full control. As if time has stopped ‘Iron Girl’ has been captured, just for a split second... and in that moment she has been set in stone. ‘Iron Girl’ is almost sculptural and dramatic by nature. Acrobatic and ballet combined with excellence in her craft, she demonstrates all that she is.

Her poses challenge traditional notions of femininity and express her independence. She is able to protect herself from trouble coming her way and her stamina will rise above those that try to overthrow her. She embodies the power with a calmness of mind and a peaceful facial mask. She will smile only on her own terms. She will break the bonds of the all that gaze and she stands on her own. She does not seek controversy or dominion but speaks to all who wish to rise: she is a woman of grace, passion, strength and control of your own life.

Let the Iron Girl inspire!"

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